Tuesday, February 7, 2012


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This is what my head feels like right now. And I hope it pops soon, because girlfriend is not very happy. (That was me trying to talk 90's talk -- I'm not referring to a 3rd party girlfriend, to be clear. I could have just deleted that line but instead I decided to write three more clarifying my bad reference).

When I'm feeling sick and having violent sneeze attacks, my favorite thing to do is cuddle up with a pup, watch a good rom com, maybe sip on some tea and munch on some crackers. 

But... none of those things happened today because I have a big deadline on Thursday. Bad news, this project has been a pain in the neck due to the lack of liquid latex supply in Dessau. What is this, a third world country?! Just kidding, folks. Good news, I think this project will turn out pretty cool! And I get to make a video about the process, which I love doing, so no sweat about that. Now to make progress on my paper about tunicates. Wait... what? Got you real nice and curious, eh?


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