Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mauerpark Floh Markt

Although I did make a big fuss about Christmas Markets, I have to contradict myself to say that the Mauerpark Floh Markt (Wall-park Flea Market) is my favorite place on earth, so far anyway. It combines the best flea markets, thrift stores, and handmade shops I've ever been to into 1 magical place. Yes, it can be crowded, and no, I won't spend 50 euro on a pair of vintage boots, but there's just something about it that enchants me.

I was so excited to go Sunday, just to be able to get out of Dessau for the day. It was my second time, but this time I came prepared with a little more cash. The first time I went I had no idea the treasures I would see and came up a little short after buying a bicycle from some sketch Turkish guys in front of the market.

Here's a collection of pictures from my first two trips to Mauerpark. It's love, folks!


I can't wait to send home some fancy gifts I picked up.


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