Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Berlin, Berlin

Mauerpark was not the only reason to be in Berlin on Sunday. My friend Hazel and I met up with a studio who had their mid-semester critique in the city so we could get group tickets with them (paying 6 euro is way better than paying 35!). Hazel and I got to explore the city while they took care of their presentations, and we happened to stumble upon some great sites on our way to Mauerpark.

I'm kind of obsessed. I need this for Christmas.

Berlin Wall Memorial

Where the flood-lights used to be.

A pretty gift.

Bits and pieces.

Tributes to the fallen.

Wall Art.

I had a hard time deciding whether to smile in this picture or not.

 The view from the Western side.

A tribute to the reunion of families after the Wall came down.

A simple little church, built on top of the ruins of a church pre-Berlin Wall.

 An interesting viewing tower.

After the presentations we all met up for some amazing Tibetan food (the perfect merger of Indian and Thai, it was heavenly).  

I hope you all enjoyed yourself this holiday weekend!


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