Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meko/Dawanda Love

New fall/winter staple! I just received my handmade meko granny scarf in the mail and I'm completely in love. Super warm, super cute... wunderbar! It's been pretty cold in the mornings and evenings.. and well, usually the afternoons too, so this little baby will be my best friend on those long, long (5 minutes) bike rides to school.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the product and ease of the payment/shipping process. I found them through my roommate, who has one too but in a darker color scheme. Annnd, to top off the whole enchilada, I bought it through a site like etsy, called dawanda. I actually think it's a little superior to etsy in terms of package tracking and useability.. and it's German! 

Hooray for handmade!


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