Friday, November 18, 2011

Sushi Night

I've made homemade sushi before. Before last night, I thought I'd done my fair share of sushi rodeos. Turns out, I've never even stepped in the corral. Forgive my awful cowboy metaphor, the cowboys that I know don't even care for raw fish.

The point here is: my roommate Angie schooled me! But boy I was glad she did, because now I have the real know-how (and a full belly) and intend on proving it when I'm back in the states. I documented the night to share with you here!* 

*My photos turned out horrible! So since they were giving me blurry and grainy, I edited as if they were from a disposable camera. So retro!**
** Does asterisking a comment and then following up right after defeat the purpose? Oh well, this is my blog! I do what I want!

 Only half of the rice we made!

Angie hand-defrosting each shrimp? 

Garrett, skilled with a knife beyond all belief.

 Yummy ingredients.

Getting down to business.

  The cuteness that is Anja. 

 The cuteness that is Cindy (visiting from London!)

This needs no explanation.

My custom roll by Anja, with a side of sparkling red wine.

The epic table.

Guten appetit! 



  1. Wow! I don't like sushi but these look amazing! Very fresh :)

    Thanks for being such loving follower of my blog! I really appreciate it! Congrats on opening your first blog too. Having a blog is one of the most rewarding experiences. Enjoy your travel abroad experience and let me know if you need any bloggy tips!

    :) Tara

  2. Thanks Tara! I appreciate you stopping by! :)