Monday, November 21, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress, Chelsea!

Imagine 5 Cal Poly exchange students, wandering around Dessau, Gemany like lost puppies, abandoned with nowhere to go. Then imagine a tall, friendly, bilingual German by the name of Tobi coming to our rescue, translating documents, giving us information, and giving us beer when we desperately needed it.
Now, imagine our delight when we met his adorable fiance Chelsea, who's from Kentucky. Imagine us quickly befriending them both and spending nights eating good food, watching German reality shows, and dancing in the living room.

Does your brain hurt from all the imagining?

Ok, just one more: Imagine my excitement when I was invited to go wedding dress shopping with her! Unfortunately, the wedding is a mere two weeks after I will have left Germany in March, but I was so happy to share this special part of the wedding planning with her.

None of these images show the real dress she picked to protect it from Tobi's eyes!

Prost, Chelsea and Tobi! 
May your love and happiness last forever!

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