Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Break is finally here! .. well almost.

I had all these amazing posts written in my head, about the first snowfall, cooking my first whole pumpkin and making seeds and pie (DELICIOUS pie... thanks to Paula Deen and The PW), and my plans for my trip, but plans unexpectedly changed and now I'm leaving TODAY. A friend's parents invited myself and some others to go to Berlin tonight to have dinner, and it just didn't make sense to come back for only half a day. So hello Berlin! I'm adding you to the stops on my Christmas Break Adventure!

Since I don't have time to give this post the lovin' it deserves, I'm just going to show some favorite pictures I found via Flickr of the places I'll be going. This is probably the most adventurous trip I've ever taken and I'm beyond excited about it. Seeing new architecture, experiencing new culture... this is the pinnacle of what I came to Europe to do!

Seriously.. can someone please pinch me?
Prost, Frohe Weihnachten und neues Jahr!

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