Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Responsible Adult Moment

There's times in all our lives when we have to make a grown-up decision, instead of the preferred choice. I shall explain.

I was obsessed with a garment called the "One Piece". It looks a little something like this.
via One Piece 

I was really close to buying it, even though my friends thought I was crazy. Did I mention it's close to 200 euro? Yeah, insane. (but imagine how awesome Christmas morning would be with that thing on???!)

Fast forward two weeks later (since seeing it in Berlin) and I still don't have it. Hesitation is growing the longer I wait. As I'm prowlin' the internet as usual, I come across a planner. And not just any planner. A beautifully illustrated, perfect, organized planner.


You'll just have to trust me when I say the inside is phenomenal.Why are good planners so hard to find? Perhaps the world will never know, but I had an idea. Internal monologue commence.

Let's make a bargain, adult self.

Let's order this planner, which is a little pricier than the average staples planner, but pass on the one piece sweat suit, therefore leaving the funds in tact for the upcoming winter excursion through Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, and London.

Ok... deal.

So moral of the story is, I don't have a onesie (..there's a shop in LA, maybe next year??!), but I have a beautiful planner coming in the mail, and I'm not stressing about finances. 

Win, win. Go me.


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