Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aggressive Cold and Chris Larson and Jimmy Kimmel

Yesterday it was -15 C (5 F) at one point here in Dessau. That's the kind of cold that's not messing around.

This frozen installation by Minnesotan artist Chris Larson, from the short film Deep North, sums up how I feel about that. Maybe this is mainly just a feminine problem, but a cold toilet first thing in the morning is such a cruel, cruel reality.

Lately to keep myself busy now that school has slowed down, I like to watch Jimmy Kimmel videos on YouTube. Why was I not aware of his amazing interviewing skills? He's been cracking me up on a daily basis. I've never considered myself a "talk-show person", but I guess since I've been keeping up with Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel via the internet while in Germany, I sort of am now? Since the theme of today is aggressive cold, I thought I'd share this interview of Kimmel and John Krasinkski that had me smiling. Watch all three parts if you have time; I would give anything to be best friends/neighbors with these two.

ps // I updated the look of the blog, what do you think? It took me a while to figure out the simplest of things, but I'm on my way to a look I can be proud of. Next, to figure out buttons/sidebar stuff. If anyone has coding tips, pass them on, pretty please.


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