Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Ate: Holiday Trip

I've got my life figured out (sort of). I've got my priorities straight.

Food is the most important part of any vacation. Yep.

Here are all the amazing things I (and my travel-mates) ate.

An authentic Dutch Crunch roll in Amsterdam
Belgian Chocolates
Sausage with Spicy Onions in Bruges 
Crepes below the Eiffel Tower
Chinese near Versailles
Lemon Tart #1
My first macaroons 
An amazing mushroom crepe after a long day at the Louvre
Macaroons and French-dubbed Simpsons at the hotel
The beginning of the macaroon obsession
Lemon Tart #2
Warm Baguette with Cheese
This macaroon tasted like an Oreo!
What you get when you order hot chocolate in Paris.
Berry crumble for breakfast
Finishing off the macaroons before the flight - Strawberry
Toasted Baguette 
Lemon Tart #3 .. Obviously my favorite thing about Paris.
A fish market in London.. I didn't eat these but I couldn't resist those stares.
Skewered Salmon and Organic Juice
Carrot Cake in London
Cupcakes eaten by Christine and Kaitlin
Finally, our dream fish and chips experience. So tasty.

In a couple weeks I head to Italy... and you better believe there will be a food diary just as extensive as this one.  


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