Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Get Real.

Hello hello friends,

I'm sorry for the long hiatus in posting, it was extremely frustrating for me. I briefly mentioned before that my computer was having some battery related issues while I was in Europe. That and a trip to Ireland with my mother was keeping me away from the blog world for quite some time. The day after I got back to the states, I immediately drove 30 minutes to my nearest apple store to fix the whole mess. I came home with a brand new battery and zest for life, only to find my charger was a problem too. That can't be replaced until I'm back at school, where I can easily get to apple. Excuses excuses, I told myself, so this post is coming from my new iPhone, and I'm hoping I won't find embarrassing autocorrects later. ;)

One reason I was so heartbroken to step away is recently a lot of bloggers I follow (that I've been struggling to keep up with sans computer!) have been posting about the recent blogger conference in Austin and sharing their mentoring tips for staying on top of things, being balanced, and staying inspired. Even while away, I never did lose my inspiration and I'm always thinking "ooh, that could be a post" but I'm still at that point where I don't feel fully committed to a blogging lifestyle, one where I share personal things about me and get out of my comfort zone and past insecurities. There are so many positives to blogging that I feel I haven't got to experience yet, like connecting with other bloggers, getting comfortable with myself, and so on... I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not giving up, and once my computer is a constant in my life again, so will blogging about things I really love. Stick around if you really want to get to know me because although my time in Dessau is over, this blog still has a bright future in my eyes.

Or just stick around if you want to see some pretty pictures of Ireland.


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