Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Reichstag Dome

When my mom finally arrived in Berlin, I already had our first adventure planned. This glorious sight you see is the Reichstag, the main government building in Berlin (and Germany? Don't quote me on that). I've been wanting to go inside this building since my first visit to Berlin but it's not an easy place to tour. You have to make an online reservation at least 2 weeks in advance, and the form is in German. Luckily introductory German covers things like name and address, so I was all good.

That dome on top is by the great Sir Norman Foster and it it's the main attraction of the show. In fact, you barely even get to see anything else because the staff quickly waves you through to the top (completely supervised of course). You can't be too careful I suppose on account of the scandal that was the Reichstag fire (and Hitler's claim to fame). Look it up! ;)

Check out those cool mirrors inside the dome that bring in light into the building. And the way the rainwater falls into the center, keeping the rest of the dome dry (almost, hah). Oh yeah, and how cute is my mom?


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