Friday, June 29, 2012


Quilting is hard. Somehow when the ladies at the various fabric shops I went to told me this, I shrugged them off. My inner voice was telling me this was no big deal.

After 2 full weeks (this meaning I was basically working on it anytime I wasn't at school or work), I have a front panel! My original intention was to just attach some jersey cotton I already had on the back (in two different shades of pink), but after putting so much blood and sweat and tears (and risk of throwing my bobbin casing out the window after a few temperamental days) I decided to wait and buy more true cotton to really make my baby into something special.

Above you can see the steps I went through more or less to come to the finish product. Errr.. finished panel. I did leave out a photograph of the step of laying it all out on the ground to map out my random pattern, but you can connect the pieces. Ah, quilting humor.

She may not line up perfectly, but I'm a proud mama anyway! This is definitely the longest sewing project I've ever taken on, and I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. Can't wait to throw this modern quilt on my new leather couch; to be photographed soon, once I'm all settled into my new place in the coming week.


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