Friday, August 17, 2012

Land Girls

Summer school is over which means I've had a little more quality time with my Netflix instant queue. I think he has missed me (yes, my Netflix is a boy). Ever since the summer Olympics started in London I've been obsessed with all things English, and this little historical drama found it's way to me -- thanks to my 5 star rating of Downton Abbey, of course.

This little series takes place in WWII England and follows the lives of four women in the land army -- their chance to serve their country by tending farmland while the soldiers are away. The drama can be a little predictable but I really enjoy the acting, and don't even get me started on the styling. Are you as enamored as I am? I'm ready to go buy a head scarf in every color and starting rolling my hair into liberty curls. Nancy's style is my favorite and she dominates most of the above still shots.

Netflix only has season 1 (with only 5 episodes!) but I'm ready to track down the other seasons to get my proper fix!

Cheers, and Prost!

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